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  • Life Without a Car?

    It’s 20 years since I owned a car. The exception was in 2001 when I was given a company car - but in the first week

    I was carjacked! It was a sign. I was destined to share my rides.

    An active life without a car is more challenging than one would think. It limits the spontaneity of your pursuits in the

    great outdoors, makes you more dependent, and your gear list more selective. City life without a car seems easier: no parking, more exercise, no drinking & driving, but even here there are times when a car seems like respite.

    In either case life without my own car drives me to meet new people: fellow passengers and kind strangers, some not so kind but with special memory creating character. Methodical logistical planning mixes with random events, leading to unexpected adventures. Lifewithoutacar.com is a snapshot of these moments.


    People are shy to admit they own a vehicle (or two). I am not saying I live without using any cars or claim I have a zero carbon footprint. Rather, we should look at ways to share transportation and work together in a more sustainable way.