Sunshine Coast Trail Trip
25.00 - 600.00
Multi day self-sufficient stage run on the Sunshine Coast Trail in British Columbia Canada. 180km across 5 days in teams of two, with 4 nights camping on the trail.
Linking the remaining strands of old growth forest, the trail passes through a variety of terrain, vegetation, and views. It is Canada's longest hut to hut hiking trail - but we will be adding to the adventure by staying in tents.
It is a great trip for those interested in stage racing.
Christophe Le Saux, French endurance Athlete and adventurer, will be the one to follow on this trip.
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Coming soon
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Trip package includes:
- trip logistics 
- Transfer from Powell River airport to campsite
- welcome dinner & drinks
- one night camping before the trail start - and breakfast provided by organisation
- transportation from Powell River to the trail start (boat &/or 4x4 truck)
- one food drop
- local support staff during the trip and leading on trail
- transportation from trail finish to Gibsons
- hotel night with breakfast in Gibsons
- closing party & prizes on night of September 11th (for all participants)
- transportation from Gibsons to Horseshoe Bay
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